Corrective Make-up Techniques For Eyebrows

HELP!  How do I fix my eye brows when I have over plucked??

Makeup Techniques For EyebrowsIf you have been in this horrible situation before, don’t despair. It is a sickening feeling when you have gone pluck happy. Next thing you know you are looking at yourself in the mirror panicking and thinking OMG what have I done…too far!!!  Lucky there are a few clever and quick make-up techniques you can use so that you do not have to wear over size glasses until they decide to forgive you and grow back (this can take days, months or even years!)

Eyeliner pencils are a fantastic way to fill in the gaps. Choose a shade that is similar to your eyebrow colour. Apply using small feathered motions in the same direction as your eyebrow hairs grow. If your pencil is too sharp, rub it on the top of a small flat/diagonal brush and apply using the same technique as the pencil – this will create a softer look.

Eye shadow is another clever way to fix those brows. Choose a matte eye shadow without shimmer. Also, select a good quality shadow with strong pigment – you can pick out a good eye shadow by touching it only once with your finger and the shadow on your finger should look exactly the same as it does in the eye shadow pallet. Use a small flat/ diagonal flat brush and start fanning out from the inner corners of your eyebrows out.

This technique can also be used if you have very fair brows and would like to re-shape them or make them darker (you may want to create a dark smokey eye look and need balance your brows so they don’t fade into the background.)

How To Pluck EyebrowsEveryone’s eyebrows are shaped differently however here is a good way to see how the perfect eyebrow is shaped: Hold a make-up brush against the side of your nose, facing vertically up to the inner corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrows should start. Then get you brush and hold it diagonally – look straight ahead and hold your brush so that it is in front of the pupil of your eye. This is where the arch of your eyebrow looks the best. Finally get your brush and hold it to nose again, this time point it to the outer corner of your eye. This is where the end of your eyebrow should be where the end of your eyebrow should finish.

Draw your brows so they are full to begin with then gradually get smaller as they progress. Start thinning out your brows with your make-up brush after the arch.

Eyebrows truly do shape your face so use these handy make-up techniques to create the beautiful brow shape you have always desired!!


Whilst a nicely shaped eyebrow can do wonders for your eyes so can a range of other makeup techniques.
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