When booking, I will try to give you as much information as possible to make sure I answer all of your questions. I would like you to feel completely comfortable to contact me at any time leading up to your wedding, formal or special occasion.


How much time should I allow per person for make-up?

I normally like to allow between 45 minutes to an hour each person. This vary”s of course, depending on the look you desire and if you have had a trial.


Hair or Make-up first?

If you have organized to have your hair styled at the hairdresser, then hair would generally come first. If you have organized for a stylist to come to you, I will work  in conjunction with them to ensure everyone is ready on time – stress free!! I have developed many wonderful relationships working with some very talented Stylists over the years and if you like, I would be happy to pass their details onto you. I have tried and tested all of my make-up products many times and I am absolutely certain you will be pleased as they last a very long time. They are designed to last the entire day without sliding off your skin or rubbing off – So if you do decide to have your make-up done first, before your hair, it won”t be an issue.


How far in advance should I book with you?

I take bookings sometimes over a year in advance but in general, most make-up bookings particularly for weddings and formals are taken between 6-8 months before the wedding. Obviously, it’s better to book  sooner rather than later as I do get busy and I really want to guarantee you a spot. Weddings and formals do tend to be seasonal and there can be busier months then others. I can I am happy to take last minute bookings as long as I am available. There has been instances where other Make-up Artists have been sick or canceled – My make-up case and brushes are always maintained and clean ready to go & I will always try my best to fit last minute bookings in!


Can I come to you?

Yes, of course! Primarily I am a mobile Make-up Artist – I come to you so your special day is relaxing and stress free. If it suits you better to come to me instead, your more then welcome to come to my home –  I am located at Ferny Hills, Brisbane. Friends and family are all welcome. Feel free to bring your children too. Having young children myself, we have plenty of toys and distractions.



Just because I am affordable, it doesn’t mean less quality – My make-up case is packed full of top quality products. In saying that, some products I use – I have chosen because they are actually better then some expensive brand name products!! I THINK IT”S IMPORTANT TO USE WHAT WORKS BEST. I have confidence in my make-up abilities and, in the many years I’ve done make-up I have only had excellent feedback and very happy clients. I know that special occasions can be very expensive and in my opinion, overpriced, just because the word ‘wedding’ is used.  I LOVE what I do and get pure enjoyment and joy out of making you feel your best. I don”t want you to feel sick after I leave because you have spent way too much. I am half the price of some other competitors, have the same qualifications and you will find the results the same or better – why go with someone else!


I need someone reliable, can you help?

I think one of the most important qualities of a make-up Artist is to be RELIABLE AND ON TIME. I know you already have a lot happening on your day and I just want to be able to fit in and work with you. Booking can be taken a long time before your event, so I think it’s important for me to contact you a week before to ensure everything is still running to schedule. I will also message you when I’m on my way just for that little bit extra piece of mind.


Do I need to bring anything else?

The only additional products I recommend is to touch-up during the day – For photos and evening celebrations. In most cases the client already has a favorite color lipstick which they can just carry in their clutch   (or their bridesmaids clutch.) for touch-ups. If not, I am happy to give you advice on what lipstick or gloss to buy and what colors will suit you and your look. If you tend to have oily skin or it”s a very hot day, I also recommend you carry a compact or translucent powder for touch-ups.