Julie and Brendan’s Wedding

Julie's weddingJulie and I met many years ago whilst working at ‘Aussie Auto’ at  Alderley’ where we quickly became good friends. Although we had very different interests (Julie loved cars and doing up her old Wolsley whereas I loved everything girly and make-up) we still clicked. I have many fond memories of us working together and our long conversations with Al (the car part guru who had worked there for 50 years and was a part of the furniture.)  Julie eventually left to pursue her career elsewhere and as friends do, we both got busy with our own lives and slowly drifted apart.
Julie's wedding ceremony
Many years later, to my surprise I heard through my old work Julie was trying to contact me! We decided to meet up for a drink at the Paddo Bar and as old friends do, we chatted away like no time had passed. To my excitement she told me that she was engaged and I was honoured when she asked me to do her wedding makeup!

Whilst at our trial makeup run, I asked Julie what type of makeup look she wanted. True to her relaxed, laid-back personality she replied ‘Your the expert, whatever you think.’ Julie has lovely big features so I created a subtle smokey eye in Pewter & brown to accentuate. I also applied soft pink/nude lips as her wedding dress had an apricot/baby pink waist belt.

Julie and Brendan’s wedding was held at Somerset Dam. After a scenic but long drive I was happy to see Julie’s smiling face. She seemed very relaxed but excited to be marrying the man of her dreams. Julie’s bridesmaids wore the cutest country dresses in grey with big pockets at the front. Their makeup was also very natural and fresh to suit the theme and surrounds of the wedding.

Family and friends gathered at a historic country hall which had been transformed into a wedding wonderland. A large tree Julie's wedding receptiondecorated with fairy lights and adorable little bags was a delight for all to see. Julie looked stunning as she walked down the isle with her elegant Staples wedding dress. It was obvious to everyone in the room how crazy in love the pair where and they were a couple who ‘were meant to be.’

I think your wedding reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple. All the details from the ceremony to the dresses and the makeup were relaxed and natural and fun – it was truly a celebration of their love for each other and God. I wish them both all the best for their exciting future together!!

Julie and Brendan - happily ever after!