What is in Genevieve’s make-up kit and what brand does she prefer?

‘I am not committed to one brand in particular although I do have favorites such as Napoleon, Sephora and MAC. I use a diverse range of excellent high-quality products that I have personally tested and have come to adore over the years.

Makeup Artist Brisbane - Napoleon Perdis Makeup Artist Brisbane - MACMakeup Artist Brisbane - Sephora
The products combined with the colors and techniques I use will compliment your skin and look perfect in your special occasion photographs.

The products I use differ in price, but this is what’s most important to me –

–       It feels comfortable and fresh on your skin

–       The quality of the product

–       The longevity of your make-up – Ensuring you keep your flawless complexion all day

–       The over-all finished effect


Below is a list of products and equipment I love to use and are essentially my favorite in my kit’

Makeup Artist Brisbane - PrimerPRIMER – It is crucial to begin the make-up process with a clean, blank canvas and invigorate your skin with essential skin care products. I always use a facial primer – This prepares the face and is designed for smoothing fine lines such as around the eyes and mouth. Primer creates a barrier between your face and foundation – this minimizes the appearance of your pores and the surface of your skin will be level. Your foundation will stay on longer and it will glide on evenly and smoothly creating complexion perfection!




Makeup Artist Brisbane - FoundationFOUNDATION – My all time favorite foundation is Napoleon Stick foundation. The versatile foundation Stick doubles up as a concealer and offers variable coverage from very minimal to maximum depending on your occasion. With this foundation we can achieve a glamorous day or night look. I understand that not everyone wears make-up daily. I think it is essential to get a balance and understanding of what you feel comfortable with so that you still feel like your gorgeous self. My aim with foundation is to give you the maximum coverage whilst maintaining your natural beauty.




Makeup Artist Brisbane - EyesEYES Dress and express your eyes. I recently saw this eyeshadow palate in America and fell in love with the intense and dramatic colors. The smoky eye has always been a favorite of mine – I like to create a look that is mysterious, captivating, seductive and alluring.






Makeup Artist Brisbane - LipsLIPSEvery girl deserves a channel. I love creating make-up that is elegant and sophisticated. This lipstick does it all – It is flattering, comfortable and is perfect for bridal. The colors are generally quite sheer but I can layer them on for a slightly more intense look depending on what you prefer.