Whatever your requirements are, whatever your event is, I offer a full range of makeup services throughout Brisbane including:

Wedding and Bridal Makeup Makeup Artist Brisbane - Wedding Makeup

There’s no doubt that your wedding day in the most important day of your life. It’s the one day above all others that you want to look picture perfect, after all your wedding photos will be viewed for generations to come. A bride’s wedding day should be filled with happy memories and a day that was relaxed and happy. Bridal makeup is special and one of the most important aspects of the day.

My wedding makeup also extends to the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride if needed. In fact anyone involved in the wedding party.

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Formal Makeup Makeup Artist Brisbane - Formal Makeup


Highschool formals are big events these days. It’s not unlike going to the Oscars and walking the red carpet. Every young woman wants to look and feel perfect on the big night and having your makeup professionally applied ensures you will look stunning. To make it easier I come to you, saving you time and allowing you to get ready at home. Ask about my discount rates if you get a group together. A group of friends getting ready together before the big event is quite common. I’m used to group booking so please ask me.

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Fashion Makeup Makeup Artist Brisbane - Fashion Makeup


Whether it’s makeup for a fashion shoot, fashion modelling, runway modelling, head shots, photography or advertising of any kind, I’ve got you covered. As a makeup artist I have been involved in the fashion industry having worked at fashion events such as Melbourne Fashion Week.



Special Occasion Makeup Makeup Artist Brisbane - Special Occasion Makeup


A special occasion can be anything, anything that is special to you and a day when you want to look amazing. So for any event such as parties, engagements, race days, hen’s nights think about having your makeup done professionally.

Theatrical Makeup Makeup Artist Brisbane - Theatrical Makeup


Changing a person’s appearance to suit the stage is fun. It’s different to applying other makeup as it is usually applied a bit heavier and things such as stage lighting are taken into consideration.


Ethnic Makeup Makeup Artist Brisbane - Ethnic Makeup


What works for Caucasian women when it comes to makeup might not work for Asian woman. Asian women have different skin tones, facial shapes and eye shapes which have to be treated differently. Asian women are known for their beautiful skin and using the right foundation for their skin tone is important. Asian women have flatter eyelids which just means there is a lot of eyelid to work with making it easy to create an exotic look.
African women or darker skinned women can pull off shades that no other skin tone can. Candy-colored shades and metallics look great against their darker skin tones. Again it’s important to know the right shades to use and the best way to accentuate their features.