The Importance Of Clean Makeup

Makeup Brushes

Being a makeup artist I know the importance of using clean makeup utensils and fresh makeup. Many people don’t realise that makeup has a use by date and can breed bacteria if it becomes old or stale. Eyes can become infected by dirty brushes and old mascaras. I know it’s tempting to hang on to our old makeup especially if it’s expensive but it’s really not worth it as the following article explains.

How clean is your makeup bag?

“In a recent study conducted by Good Morning America, skin care and make up samples picked up from ten US-based stores were tested by New York University’s microbiology department. … Once a week take an alcoholic wipe and smooth over the tip.Yahoo! Lifestyle UK (blog)”


Washing makeup brushes and sponges is something everyone should do to prevent infections and breakouts. People tend to spend a lot of money on skin cleansers and moisturisers but forget about the condition of their makeup and applicators. I hope this has given you all a reason to check your makeup and throw out anything that hasn’t been used in a while. It’s also a great excuse to go and buy the latest shades for the current season.